Fashion house RUMELLA operates since 2006 and over the years it has specialized in making wedding, evening and formal dresses and garments.

We strive to create unique boutique dresses of high quality fabrics, stylish design and impeccable pattern. Our focus is on handmade workmanship, details, subtle decorations … Our dresses are an original organic symbiosis between rich fabrics, fine laces, pearls, stones and feathers. Our objective is to make all brides feel happy and gorgeous on their wedding day! Undisputedly, we value comfort of garments.

The result of our work is our two wedding collections RUMELLA by Tasquira, the collection of bridesmaid dresses and RUMELLA designer dresses collection.


Our collections are distinguished by subtle elements and details, floral appliqués, dramatically opened backs … Every dress has details that make it unique, with its inimitable style, charm and glamor. Our dresses are our inspiration and passing fancy of every bride.



The wedding collection RUMELLA by Tasquira is the dream of any modern, sophisticated bride. The accents are dresses made of invisible tulle. They charm with right textures, romantic laces and exquisite lines; fresh design and exquisite chic. The collection expresses breathtaking beauty and femininity.



MIX END MATCH WEDDING is a specially designed unique module, which can help you create your wedding toilet yourself. The module consists of four individual types of elements that can be combined each other according to your taste and desire and get the wedding style & vision you want.

The options are a combination of a corset with a skirt or a corset with a trouser, adding to each basic element a lace one, meaning that the main corset is matched with a lace one and the main skirt with a lace one.
The module contains a total of 44 items, allowing over 350 combinations of them, meaning you have a choice of over 350 wedding dresses!



RUMELLA offers a wide selection of bridesmaid dresses and costumes to make bridesmaids feel beautiful and special with the bride on the wedding day.

RUMELLA Designer Dresses


The collection “RUMELLA designer dresses” is a limited collection and consists entirely of selected handmade patterns combining charm, sophistication and romance in evening and wedding fashion. Dresses are made with extremely soft, feminine line, embodying gentle faerie and genuine beauty. Because of their uniqueness, dresses are available only in single series and in their original colors.


I am musician-pianist, designer and fashion stylist by profession.

My mind and spirit are a combination of sophisticated taste, intellectual mind, a soul of artist, musician and pianist. My hobby is sport. I started embroidering when I was helping my mother. She was very talented and in her spare time she was sewing clothes for my sister, me and herself.

I started business with design of clothes when I was 29 and opened my own atelier. And all these years to this day I have been working with inexhaustible inspiration and passion and feeling that my mission is to create beauty …. ; that the creative process is an inseparable part of me and that the dresses I give life are more than a piece fabric that covers the body and also have a soul.

In my work and life I am a perfectionist, sensitive and impulsive. I create my dresses with great precision … and attention to detail. And I put my heart and soul in any of them, I carefully choose fabrics, proportions, design, so any dress is “couture” and a real jewel in her owner’s wardrobe.